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About Charlie

a first hand account

If we aren't already besties then HI! I'm Charlie and thanks for checking out my page. I am four years old now, which in dog years is more like a teenager. My pawrents and I recently moved from Brooklyn to Toms River, New Jersey. I love being one with nature and having endless space to explore and I'm pretty sure by now the squirrels and bunnies have gotten used to me chasing them. I haven't caught any yet but here's to hoping!

Last year my pawrents got me a dog brother named Freddie. Freddie was the most handsome ginger mini doodle anyone had ever met. But also, the most lively and rambunctious little guy. We just couldn't keep up! Freddie lived with us for one year and then moved to another family who could meet his intense athletic needs! I must admit I was less than sorry to see Freddie go. Ah, to be an only child again.

The biggest news right now is that I am now a big brother to an actual human baby! I adore the lil' man so much that I think we will need to keep him.  Now that I am four years old, I have more responsibilities around the house. Mama expects me to keep an eye on things while she's busy tending to baby or steps out for errands. It's my job to make sure that the squirrels, bunnies, possums, and raccoons keep a safe distance. I can be very menacing when I put my mind to it!

My pink ears are my trademark, but sometimes we like when they fade out totally before touching up the color again. 

My part-time job is having fun with friends. Yup, you heard me right! Fun is my actual occupation. My pawrents organize all sorts of social events so my schedule is chock-full of playdates, birthday parties, school visits, and photo shoots.

A playdate is when I come over to your house to play with you! I've played with 9-week old babies and 99 year old folks too! Puppy fun is for everyone. During the playdates, my new friends can pretend that I am their very own pet pup! They can take a walk with me outside, snuggle up with me on the sofa, and play fetch with me. My personal favorite is when they get me to perform my clever tricks and then I get rewarded with a tasty treat. Yum!

Often, there are folks who have real dog phobias and anxiety. I can help them overcome their fear when they are ready, and we've had the most incredible results and feedback. You see, when they see how sweet and gentle and playful I am, it helps them to see that dogs are not so fearsome after all!

Sometimes kids I play with have difficulty with social skills, and I help them learn how to care for a living thing and to identify feelings, so that they can learn better interpersonal behavior.  They can learn to see whether I am excited, tired, thirsty, scared, or calm. This also helps them learn about responsibility and accountability!

I can even help folks who have anxiety by showing them some gentle puppy love and feelings of friendship and warmth.

For information regarding bookings and rates, please use the contact form below. Looking forward to meeting new fur-iends every day!

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