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what kind of dog is Charlie?

Charlie is part Poodle and part Bichon Frise. This combo is also known as Bichpoo or Poochon.

what is a therapy dog?

Different than a serive dog, therapy dog is one that is specially trained to visit facilities like hospitals, schools, and nursing homes to visit with the folks there and cheer them up.

what does charlie do all day?

Charlie has playdates with friends. Sometimes he visits schools, hospitals and nursing homes to give the folks some good old puppy love! You can find out more about the playdates in the next FAQ, or in the "about" section of this website.

what happens by a playdate?

A playdate is a personal visit to your home where Charlie brings some unconditional snuggly puppy love. Charlie loves everyone he meets, including folks of all ages and abilities. 
Charlie is accompanied by his mama to these visits. During the playdate, you get to experience Charlie as if he were your very own pet pup! You will be able to walk Charlie on his leash, play toys and fetch with him, feed him treats and get him to perform his cute tricks. You can also snuggle him, for Charlie is the best cuddle buddy you shall ever meet.
For folks who have a fear of dogs, have no fear! Charlie is here to help show you how gentle and harmless pups can be. For further information or to book Charlie for a visit, contact us below.

does charlie bite?

Charlie has never bitten anyone in his life! He knows to use his teeth for eating and chewing on his toys. He sometimes nips, which is a playful mouthing behavior, where you may feel his teeth, but not in a biting or aggressive way.

is charlie trained?

Charlie is fully housebroken. This means he is trained to do all his business outdoors! He is let out every few hours to relieve himself. Since he has been trained, he has never had an accident indoors.

what does charlie eat?

Charlie's meals consist of wholesome dog food which provides him with all the nutrients he needs to stay strong and healthy. He loves to snack on American cheese and juicy hot dogs. Too much of either is not healthy for him, though! When his parents aren't looking, Charlie's favorite aunt likes to sneak him some juicy bites of steak under the dinner table.

when is bedtime?

Charlie suffers from severe FOMO (fear of missing out, that is!) and will refuse to go to bed any sooner than his pawrents do. As long as his humans are up, he is up too! When the lights go out, he hops up into bed, curls up and falls fast asleep. Charlie sleeps for about 8-9 hours per night and also grabs catnaps throughout the day.

what if i have allergies?

Charlie is a completely hypoallergenic dog. This means that he causes much fewer allergy symptoms in people who get bad allergic reactions from animals like cats or rabbits or non-hypoallergenic dogs. 
Hypoallergenic dogs shed considerably less hair than regular dogs do, if at all. That means no mess on furniture, clothes, or carpets!

who are charlie's parents?

Charlie's human parents, Mama Esther & Papa Shimmy, are completely doting on him. That means tons of toys, trips, and yummy treats. Charlie's parents enjoy sharing cute photos and funny videos of him on his Instagram page. Many of Charlie's portraits are taken by papa, who is a professional photographer.

What is Charlie's Hebrew name?

Beri! It is actually the affectionate way of saying "teddy" in Yiddish.

how long will charlie live?

The typical life span of a healthy dog of his breed is 12-15 years.

should we get a dog?

Getting a dog is a big, serious lifetime commitment, it is like a child that never grows up. Caring for a dog requires a consistent routine of nourishing food, daily exercise, and providing excellent health care. Dogs need to be professionally groomed periodically. In addition, they need lots of love and attention. Dogs are social animals and get depressed when left alone all day. If you want a dog but cannot commit to caring for it, inquire about having Charlie come over for a playdate! You get all the fun and none of the responsibilty.

where can i follow charlie?

Charlie has a sensational Instagram page with over 8,000 fans and counting! The Instagram page is updated daily with Charlie's latest photos and escapades. You can tune in to all the drama by following @mybestiecharlie on Instagram.

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