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"Charlie may be a dog, but he's a dog everyone wants to be around. My daughter used to be really scared of dogs. Once she met Charlie, her fear is gone. She now requests to spend time with Charlie as a reward for when she completes her behavior charts at home."

Esty S.

"Charlie made me overcome my terrible fear of dogs! I moved to New Jersey and all my neighbors have a dog and I was scared to leave my house! When I see Charlie playing so sweetly with everyone it makes me realize that dogs are not that scary. Thank you Charlie!"

Sori L.

"I was bitten by a dog 15 years ago and every year my phobia gets worse! By following @mybestiecharlie it has helped me by giving me the aspect to look at dogs in a different light. Charlie will be the next dog I ever touch again. I don't know how many people he has helped, but he's already helped me from 3,000 miles away and helps me teach my kids to like dogs. So thank you!!!"

Suree L.

"I grew up in a community where people don't have pets. I was petrified of animals my whole life. Since I met Charlie I overcame my fear! I would never have believed that I would hold and cuddle a pet! Charlie proved to be a harmless, gentle, sweet puppy."

Tzippy R.

"Charlie has been a therapy dog for my son without ever meeting him! He's absolutely in love with Charlie and can't wait to see his new videos every day!"

Esti L.

"A puppy is gonna give you something very unique- he is gonna love you to no end and do anything for you. It's love in the most broadest form."

Hendy B.

"Charlie makes the sun shine through on cloudy days. I follow Charlie's post every morning and every night. He is the cutest 4 legged furry friend. I love you Charlie!"

Lauren S.

"My son is NUTS over Charlie and therefore we ordered Charlie for his birthday entertainment! Now he won't stop begging for Charlie to come again."

Dini F.

"I think about Charlie all the time and when I'm sad he makes me happy. Charlie surprised me at my graduation party and it was all I was talking about for DAYSSS!!"

Fraidy M.

"Charlie's instastories was used throughout my daughter's toilet training process. It totally worked!!"

Blimi A.

"You have done an amazing job of showing the human-canine bond, and how dogs are family members, not scary, vicious or harmful."

Romeo R.

"My kids love dogs but Charlie beats them all especially since he came to us for a visit, and now they won't stop talking about it! They are totally obsessed with him."

Malky F.

"My baby is obsessed with Charlie. She used to scream every time a dog came near, and now, every time we pass a puppy on the street, she gets so excited thinking it's Charlie. She just loves dogs now! Thank you Charlie."

Laya W.

"Charlie makes such a difference to our lives. We aren't afraid to run when we see our neighbors' dogs. Every puppy we see is automatically called Charlie!"

Perry H.

"Charlie has actually been the catalyst for me working with my kids to not be afraid of people's pets. They used to shriek and jump at the sight of a puppy and now they run over to pet them!"

Gelly R.

"Charlie is everyone's most favorite furry friend. My kids always NEED to check up on Charlie and see what he's up to every day."

Fraidy W.

"Charlie is the cutest dog ever! I need one of him for my baby!"

Hindy S.

"We love Charlie and watching all his videos! My son who is 3 asks if every dog we see is Charlie."

Devora W.

"My kids are totally obsessed with Charlie!!! They watch the instastories every single night without fail."

Elisheva K.

"My kids love him and watch his videos EVERY DAY! Charlie is a best friend for life."

Lea R.

"@mybestiecharlie is the best story on Instagram it has the most amazing adorable episodes ever!"

Shragi G.

"Charlie is the most adorable furry cuddly little thing. My kids won't go to bed unless they are up to date on Charlie's day."

Rachel S.

"My 3 year old cousin is absolutely obsessed with Charlie. She cried for a long time after her playdate with him was over. She was thrilled to pieces when he came back to visit! She talks about Charlie ALL the time."

Malka V.

"My 10 month old kisses Charlie every time he sees him on the video."

Eli K.

"My kids have been obsessed with Charlie ever since his playdate with them. We can't wait for him to come back."

Aki L.

"My date with Charlie was the best date I've ever been on."

Hadassa B.

"My daughter dreams of the day Charlie will come to our house. It's gonna be a dream come true one day!"

Freeda K.

"Charlie has been a great asset to the community, he's helped lots of kids overcome their fear of dogs, being that he's so cute and friendly."

Rivky F.

"My 2 year old literally has Charlie in mind in his every move, bite, or step that he takes. When he gets excited he mixes up his own name with Charlie's!"

Rochel S.

"Just looking at Charlie is therapeutic."

Chany S.

"My son is wild over "Arly" even though he barely speals, "Arly" is top priority in his vocabulary."

Mimi S.

"Whenever my baby sees a picture of video of Charlie she screams "Chalie Chalie!" She loves him!!"

Gitty W.

"My kids miss Charlie so much since he was last here and we would love for him to come again."

Raizy S.

"My 2 year old loves to watch Charlie videos. She can watch him all the time, all day."

Tzippy W.

"My hubby always says that he wants a little doggie. I think we will get one like Charlie!"

Chavy R.

"I've never even met Charlie and yet watching his videos every day makes me feel ready to face my fear of other dogs, and I really feel like I can get over it one day because of Charlie's sweet and happy nature."

Pearl R.

"Charlie calms me down when I'm stressed."

Chaya S.

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